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Park Run

Did you know that we are a Park Run Practice; the only Park Run Practice in Peterborough?

This means that all staff members are encouraged to participate in Park Run whether it’s walking, jogging, running or volunteering in addition to patients being encouraged to join too.

Park Run is a community based physical activity organisation, with over 4 million registrants across the UK, attracting over 170,000 participants every week.

It’s a non-profit organisation that organises free, weekly 5k events every Saturday morning in areas of open space. They are open to all, including those who are inactive or have health conditions.

🌳Park Run participants have reported the following:

• 91% of all respondents reported a sense of personal achievement

• 89% reported improvements to their fitness

• 85% reported improvements to their physical health

• 69% reported improvements to their mental health

• 79% reported improvements to their happiness

• Those who also volunteer reported an 84% improvement to their happiness

Visit the Park Run Website for further information: